5 Flight Hacks You May Not Know

aerial photography of airliner
Photo by Ross Parmly on Unsplash

Save Over 50% on Flights

Want or need to travel to a new city but don’t want to pay the insane prices that come with some direct flights? Check out this flight tip!

Original Cross-Country Flight

We first put in a flight from New York to Los Angeles on a direct route through Delta Airlines and ended up with a one-way flight for $711. This is a significant amount of money to spend on a flight, but also pretty common. Most direct flights across the country will run at this price or more. However, we have a tip that will save you tons.

Don’t Pay Full Price

We then changed to a new browser to search for a different flight. We decided to switch from Delta to American Express Travel. Through American Express Travel, you’ll find flights from all different airlines, not just Delta. From here, we added in a second flight. Don’t worry, you won’t actually have to go on this flight. 

The second flight we added was for the next day and flying from Atlanta to El Salvador. This led us to the same first flight from NY to LA for only $284! That’s less than half of the original price for the same flight. 

Member Perks

The client we found this flight for was a Delta airlines member. Since the flight was the same, they could still use their Delta airlines rewards and save a significant amount of change. The flight from Atlanta to El Salvador can be cancelled and you end up saving over $300.

Never Fly Full Price

We’re here to do the difficult work of scouting out the best flight prices for you. Flights are a great mode of transportation, but that doesn’t mean they should cost as much as they do. Save more with us. 

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