How 55% Business Class Savings GotThem a Free Hotel?!

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Say you and your friend are really tempted for an exotic getaway. Something like a dazzling hub of arts and culture with a wildlife edge. A place where you can get a glimpse of historical shantytowns while staying in walled villas of luxurious enclavesand eating at some hip restaurant. Johannesburg is your place. A quick search shows first-class flights in the $4,000 range. Wouldn’t you love to get that price cut in half?

Our client certainly did.

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After a google search revealed UA flights from St. Louis to Johannesburg at $4,314 per person, our client reached out to us for our expertise in getting him the best price.

Here’s what I did:

I went to United Vacations website, entered his desired travel dates and location, and added a hotel to the booking. Next, I opened another tab to look for a United Vacations promotion. I copied the $300 promo code and entered it towards the booking. The price turned out to be $1,955.91 per person! And, it included a hotel stay! His total price for 2 was $3,911.81. Hot stuff, no?

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