5 Travel Hacks You May Not Know

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Travel Somewhere New, for Less

Travel can be a great way to explore new places and expand your mind while you’re at it. However, it’s not always cheap to fly to that destination you want. With a bit of flexibility and spontaneity, we show you how to go on that much needed vacation for less. 

Be Flexible

To find the cheapest flights, you have to be flexible. This means being open to traveling anywhere in your country. If you want a specific destination, the price may be more expensive. However, if you’re willing to fluctuate your needs, you can fly for cheap to your vacation spot. 

Use Travel Software

Google has a software system called ITA Matrix Airfare Search. This is a great tool to find the cheapest flights. Today, we typed in flying from New York to any airport in the U.S. 

To do this, put in the flight codes for all major U.S. airports into the destination search bar. This will give you an expansive list of flights that range from the lowest price, up. 

Vary the Month

Depending on where you’re taking off from, prices may change by the date you select to depart. Search between months to see what month has the lowest price. This is great to do if you have a flexible schedule that allows for last-minute travel. 

When we did this from New York to wherever, we ended up with flights as low as $22 for an April departure date. Play around with the date of your departure to find the best deal on the web.

Cheap Flights, Great Destinations

If you’re able to be a bit more lax on the destination and date of your arrival, you can find some great cheap flights. Listed below are the flight codes for all U.S. airports. Get to searching so you can get to traveling!

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