9 Summer Vacation Destinations to Consider

9 Summer Vacation Destinations to Consider

There is an underlying joy that comes along with the word “summer.” It is when the sun’s out that you grab your suitcase, tuck in your floral prints and switch your vacation mode on!

Planning for a relaxing vacation involves various aspects, but the most important one stands to be the place you decide to explore. Your holiday destination has the power to either make your day or ruin it completely. Additionally, as the times are changing, many getaway spots that were previously welcomed by many travelers do not offer as much attraction now. Thus, it is vital to thoughtfully choose the most fun-filled yet serene places for your vacation.

Here we bring to you the top 9 summer vacation destinations you must consider in 2021 to leverage the most of your off-time!

San Diego, California

If you hold an active lifestyle and intend to explore outdoor activities in the sun, then San Diego is the place for you! With cozy, sunny weather along the coastline, the place has something for all shoppers, wanderers, and zoo enthusiasts!

Boston, Massachusetts

Are you a baseball freak, or do you wish to see the first public library and the first subway system built in America? Well, if you nodded your head to any of these, then Boston, MA, must be your next vacation spot. With the daytime temperature reaching close to 80 degrees, it is a well-suited place for all!

Venice Beach, California

Seeing the sunset at the soulful Venice Skate Park is certain to excite your traveler inside and set your vacation mode. Spending your day at the most exotic beaches of LA and catching your tune in freshwaters is sure to make it a summer to remember for you!

Orlando, Florida

A super fun place for a Harry Potter and Spider-Man enthusiast— the Universal Orlando Resort is one of the best spots to make its way on your bucket list. With its famous theme parks and water parks, Orlando is set to be your next summer vacation destination.

Ooty, India

With beautiful lush gardens, Ooty has exotic green patches for you to make the most of your summertime. The scenic mountain views and the refreshing weather make you forget all your life’s hustle-bustle and enjoy the most!

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

To make your summer break even more thrilling, you have to check out the Yellowstone National Park in the US, which is famous for its multicolored pools around the hot springs. If you also wish to spot animals like grizzly bears and wolves- this is the place for you!

Ladakh, India

A cold desert with a scenic view of the mountains, Ladakh is the place for you to get all your insta-worthy pictures. Offering activities like campfires, rock climbing, and ice hockey— the place has everything to make your vacation blissful.

Andaman and Nicobar, India

If you are a scuba diver or have a great inclination towards water sport activities— Andaman and Nicobar Islands are just for you! With clear beaches and sparkling sand, you are certain to have a fantastic vacation this summer.

Honolulu, Hawaii

The Waikiki Beach in Honolulu is just the spot for avid beach-goers who are ready to take in the sun with the beachy waves. From surfboarding to paddleboarding, you get to do everything when it comes to your water sport activities and enjoy your summer vacations at their best!

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