Traveling Mistakes To Avoid

Mistakes To Avoid When Traveling

Are you finally going on that trip you’ve always dreamt of? We’ve been there, done that. Among the 2.29 billion domestic trips and 93 million international outbound trips each year, it is quite easy to hop on the trend and plan your upcoming trip.
However, with all the fun, you need to keep some things in mind to make your trip memorable. Of all the trips we’ve been to, and organized, here are some of the common mistakes first-time travelers or even travel bloggers make while traveling.
Check them out, and ensure you don’t repeat the same again.

1. Being misinformed/less-informed about the place

  • New places, new languages, and new people can be overwhelming. You may end up lost. Having a heads up on the local places you intend to visit can help you connect better.
  • There are multiple guide books, travelogues, and TripAdvisor reviews to help you with the research. It builds up vacation happiness from the moment you plan. Knowing the places you will visit, the variety of food and the goodies you can shop for.
  • Learning a few words of the local language can be handy to find directions from local people. You can also check out the local events, and pre-book your tickets for activities and attractions.
  • If you are traveling solo, be cautious, read up on the petty crime possibilities of the destination.

2. Stressful Itineraries

  • Don’t beat yourself to visit every corner of the place. Spend time where it interests you more, rather than planning one activity after another for the entire day, for an enjoyable experience.
  • Ensure you have at least one day with nothing planned. You can have time to relax and enjoy a non-scheduled day, unlike your regular days of life. The whole idea of a vacation is to have fun. Go for a pleasant swim, visit a spa, pamper yourself with a massage or just shop till you crash.
  • If you are on a business trip, extend your stay. Take a day or two off to explore the place.

3. Overloaded baggage

  • You will not need your entire wardrobe for the trip. Be rational in packing your baggage. You are the one to lug it, be realistic.
  • Carry lightweight clothing and pair it with more combinations. Having your luggage weight within the limits can avoid you from the dismay of paying overweight baggage fees. You will have more room, that means more shopping.

4. No check on passport visibility

  • Passport Validity is one of the most important elements for a stress-free journey. It is easy to miss, especially if you are booking tickets on your own. Ensure that the validity is at least six months from your return date. On-arrival visas without a passport validity can be declined and have you deported.

5. Missing out on important documents

  • Ensure you have all the documents required for the trip and have an extra copy. Most of the hotels provide you with a safe in your room. Use it. Carry documents during your local trips only if it is necessary. You do not want to endure the hassle of searching for the lost documents.

6. Not trying the local foods

  • Image Credits – Pexels
    Be a Roman in Rome. Travelling allows enjoying the local delicacies. Try dishes that you have never tasted before to leave a lasting memory of the place.
  • Beware, not all restaurants can provide you with great food. Google or talk to local people for information.

7. Not prepared for high altitudes

  • Are you doing a high-altitude trip? Carry suitable clothing. If the weather is cold, keep yourself warm and drink adequate water to avoid dehydration. It is a common mistake people make while traveling.
  • Do not be in a race to reach the summit. Walk slowly at your own pace. Be kind to yourself. Always have a personal oximeter handy to keep a check on your pulse and oxygen levels.

8. Not carrying essential medicines

  • Carry all your essential medication. It’s difficult to find the prescribed medicines everywhere you travel, and pharmacies may not be that close to your stay. So, always carry your essential medicines and a first aid kit to treat yourself with minor cuts and wounds.

9. Credit cards not working

  • Inform your credit card service providers of the country you are traveling to avoid the suspect of fraud and neglected transactions. Carry enough local currency as not all local shops entertain cards.

10. Mobile service not available

  • Get your International roaming facility enabled with your service provider specific to the country you are traveling. You will want to be in touch with your family and friends and share your experience with them. You can also buy a local sim card, which lets you use it for a shorter duration.
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