Top 10 Places to Visit Before They Vanish!

Top 10 Places to Visit Before They Vanish!

You would surely be wanting to strike off some beautiful destinations written on your bucket list for a long time. Whether you are a frequent traveler or once-in-a-while backpacker— it is always exciting to check out places that are a delight to the eyes.

Are you one of those who keeps on waiting for the right moment to plan a trip?

Well, it is time to change yourself and live in the present. Visit these 10 mesmerizing places before it is too late and they go out of your sight!

Majuli Island – India

Due to immense flooding and erosion, Majuli island experienced disastrous land submerging while transforming into a place with just about 400 sq. km area. Make sure you pay a visit to its stunning beauty and witness the Assamese culture before it is gone.

Amazon Rainforest – South America

While being home to many species, amazon rainforests have now become a place to experience varying forest fires. With the continuous increase in the rate of deforestation and mining, its surface has begun to erode. This is one such place which you just can’t afford to miss – plan your trip now!

Northern Tundra – Alaska

Since the Alaskan Northern Tundra has been a short-lived period, you can’t miss its blissful beauty. Global warming has impacted the Northern Tundra twice as severely as it did to the entire world. Don’t let this destination go out of your bucket list until you experience its true essence.

The Sunderbans – India and Bangladesh

In addition to providing a safe shelter for a wide range of endangered species, the Sunderbans also have a varying network of mangroves. Due to constant pollution, poaching, and deforestation activities, this place is losing its innate beauty with each passing day. Catch the spot before it is too late!

Jakarta – Indonesia

This destination is widely experiencing excessive groundwater pumping and overcrowding, which has destroyed the mainland. Jakarta may go out of your sight within just a few years! Plan your visit to this beautiful place specifically from July through October to adventure, it’s true allure.

Madagascan Rainforest – Madagascar

This intense humongous island in Africa may not last long due to mass deforestation and extensive forest fires. Include this beautiful destination in your list before it just vanishes.

Glacier National Park – Montana

These captivating glaciers have experienced a huge decrease in the last 90 years. According to the research, these glaciers won’t survive more than the next 15 years. Hurry, and make sure to plan your visit right away!

Venice – Italy

It’s now widely known that this romantic city has started submerging and would gradually disappear from the world. Imagine all its water canals and romantic evenings would be completely gone. It will be such a loss of beauty if you don’t rush to visit this place even for once in your lifetime.

Pyramids – Egypt

This place won’t remain on your bucket list for long since it is experiencing massive sewage and pollution, slowly collapsing the structures. Make sure you don’t miss out on such a fantastic destination.


Being a blissful place, Maldives has started submerging in the ocean due to immense global warming effects. Hurry up, plan your dream holiday vacation before it is gone.

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