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About Us

We’re NOT your cliched social media influencer, flexing in a business class seat while promoting our credit card referral link, claiming to have ranked up millions of points over the years. On the contrary, we’ve actually seated thousands of passengers in business and first class for a fraction of the cost.Meet the travel experts, a passionate team with a clear ambition:


Challenge the status quo of airlines’ guile and manipulation. The airline industry is exclusively designed to turn its profits by exploiting the stress and discomfort of travelers. But our longtime expertise has taught us the tricks of the trade and the hacks of the system. It’s time to soar past the “Friendly Skies” of United Airlines, into a new world of travel stratagems

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We scour the web for cheap prices, travel hacks and deals. When we find them, we email them to you with instructions on how to book.

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