Underrated Places Around Globe

10 Most Underrated Places Around the Globe

We always think of spending holidays in known tourist places. However, if you’re sick of high flight and hotel rates and overcrowded streets during peak season, then explore some other places. They may be underrated but are worth visiting –

Savannah, Georgia

This long-standing city is known for its beautiful coastal landscape and well-preserved architecture with a vibrant history. However, the city has lost its charm in front of Charleston and Nashville. Tempt yourself with scenic beauty, fresh seafood, friendly locals, and the famous Savannah drink, Chatham Artillery Punch.

Tohoku, Japan

If you are tired of the busy streets of Tokyo, move to the Northeast region towards Tohoku Chiho. It is known for its lakes, high-quality rice, snowy winters, mountains, and hot springs. If you want to breathe fresh air with no mask, you can escape to Tohoku.

El Mirador Ruins, Guatemala

It may be challenging to reach the destination because it is at a hike of 40.5 km. But those who love expeditions will love passing the trails between dense forests, wild animals, and howling monkeys. The ruins of El Mirador were discovered in 1926. Those who hate hiking can also book a helicopter or a ferry to explore the pre-classic Maya Civilization.

St. Petersburg, Florida

Florida is the best tourist destination known for Disneyland. However, St. Petersburg is somewhere underrated because of Miami and Orlando. The city has many other attractions like craft breweries, art-centric museums, delicious cuisine, boating, swimming, fishing, etc.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto is known for skyscrapers and high-rise buildings mostly. Lately, it has seen a rise in the number of visitors approaching. Known for white-hot food and the growing film industry, Toronto is the best urban escape anyone can imagine.

Tongyeong, South Korea

Tongyeong is a coastal city in South Korea. This beautiful port is known for its scenic islands, green water, and 1000 plants, birds, insects, and sea creatures.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Williamsburg and Brooklyn may be the most visited places, but Greenpoint also has its charm. People enjoy the residential area with hipster appeal, traditional polish shops and restaurants, street-side eateries, bars, and live music venues.

Adelaide, Australia

Apart from Melbourne and Sydney, Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, also deserves few merit points. The city is known for its famous wine breweries, architecture, cafes, and art scenes.

Emerald Coast, Florida

Emerald Coast is an unofficial name for the coastal area in the state of Florida. The green emerald water and white sand beach are a stunning beauty. Why always think of historical monuments, museums, and amusement parks? Let’s relax for a few days on the beach.

Assateague Island, Virginia, and Maryland

It is known for its Atlantic beaches, dunes, pine forest, and wild horses. Visit this place which is recreated every day by ocean wind and waves.
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