Bucket List Places to Visit in your 20s: New York City

Bucket List Places to Visit in your 20s: New York City

New York— a place on Earth where life never stops, and you get to see magical places at every other turn on the street. Most people dream of visiting this exotic, high-life place at least once in their lives. When this long-awaited NYC wish of yours is finally turning true, it is crucial to seize the day and make the most of it!

Here are some of the most sought-after destinations in New York City that you must visit in your 20s to experience a new horizon of your life.

Empire State Building

If you wish to view the entire city from a higher level, the Empire State Building is for you! Having New York City’s highest open-air observation deck on its 86th floor, the building also offers mesmerizing views of other neighboring states, including New Jersey and Machetteurs.

Statue of Liberty

When in the city— who doesn’t want to have a look at the world-famous symbol of freedom?

One of the most iconic tourist places, the Statue of Liberty often tops the NYC bucket list for many. It is best to opt for the short boat ride to Liberty Island and closely glance at the beautiful piece.

Times Square

Vibing with the youthful energy of the city, Times Square never sleeps. With the flashing billboards and poster screens, you gradually become a part of the ever-growing crowd around the place.

Whether it is the brand new year’s eve celebration or the neon lights blinking during the launches— Times Square is the liveliest town of the town!

Brooklyn Bridge

With numerous poets writing its praises, Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most notable landmarks in the city.

Being the world’s first steel suspension bridge, the place holds interesting architecture and offers a beautiful view to the pedestrians who choose to cross the bridge walking.

New York Public Library

A major attraction of the tourists, the NY Public Library is one of the largest libraries around the city that offers millions of texts to its readers. If you are someone who loves to swim through the top-selling New York magazines, then this place is just for you!

All in all, the big apple has a lot to offer to its visitors, and you can have a fantastic journey if you move around with clear exploration plans.

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